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Date : 13 March 2012 ... 10:33

Call for India Theatre Olympiad in Cuttack

India Theatre Olympiad: International Theatre Festival will be held from 12th to 16th October, 2012 in Indian city of Cuttack.

The annual festival, which has been held since 1996, is aimed at developing international ties through cultural exchange and cooperation to promote global unity, peace and friendship. It includes drama, dance and music. Each interested group can choose any sort of theatrical performance with a duration of not more than an hour.
Foreign groups including Iranian one are invited to the festival. The number of participating countries/ foreign groups will be limited to five. The organizers of the festival will provide accommodation and food for free for the participating groups at Cuttack for three days including the day of performance. The free of charge privileges will be offered to maximum eight members of each group. Each group must pay $50 dollar for each extra person. Local transportations within Cuttack will also be borne by the organizers. But travel expenses to and fro Cuttack, taxes, visa charges and full personal insurance costs must be borne by the group. Also, the expenses of visiting tourist sites in Cuttack are on each group.     
Each group is recommended to bring set pieces and special equipments necessary for the performance. Basic and simple set pieces will be provided by organizers. The 1000-seated auditorium of the festival has a width of 12 m, depth of 10 m and height of 4m.
 A member of the group or an interpreter with good command of English must accompany the troupe. Official language is English and Hindi.
To register for the festival, each applicant shall submit synopsis of performance, profile of the group, a list including names and addresses of actors, actresses, dancers and staff, their gender (M/F), date of birth, passport number, part (role), details of technical design or stage craft, five color photos of the performance in addition to newspaper cuttings, brochure, poster and etc. If possible, a video CD of the performance is welcomed.
An English article, which is written by a prominent author, on any aspect of drama/theater of the group’s country, is requested too. The article is regarded as a souvenir by the festival and organizers are permitted to use it for free for publicity or publication. Even, the articles published earlier in the country of origin are accepted.
The groups are not permitted to perform in India before or during the festival without the written consent of festival’s Organizing Committee.    
The Organizing Committee will decide on the date and time of performance and each group must attend all performances and programs including symposium/seminar of the festival.
The participating groups are urged to duly fill the Application Form and submit necessary documents and information including photos of the play and artists at an early date.
Each group is requested to send details of their Journey Program before the commencement of the festival. They are also requested to bring along two national flags at the size of 30x60cm. Groups could bring posters, brochures, banners and etc should they wish. Having a few coins, stamps and handicrafts of the group’s country for Indian collector/friends is encouraged.
 The application or correspondence must be addressed to Prof. Kartik Chandra Rath, general secretary of the festival at:
Bana Bagicha, Saikh Bazar, Cuttack – 753 008, Orissa, India